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Your Next Step: Be Okay If You Still Want More

When I first started coaching, I remember learning about the concept of being content AND wanting more. What!? It seemed like such a contradiction to hold what appears to be two conflicting ideas at the same time.

It’s about first appreciating where you are (see last week’s blog last week's blog) and then being ready and okay to ask for more. The key is being content now, regardless; not waiting until you have more and not needing more before you can be content now.

Consider the beauty of asking for more from a place of contentedness. You are not needy, you are not desperate, you don’t absolutely need the next thing. When you know you’re already content, you can relax into more from a place of strength. And that makes everything easier.

Try this ONE thing

The leaders and clients I love to work with have figured this out. They know they’re already good with their life; they’re okay with all of it, and they’re okay with wanting more.

If you are that kind of leader, check out my website, Karen Laidlaw the ONE Thing to see how you can achieve more from a position of strength.

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