Well hello there!

I'm Karen.

I teach people just like you to get the clarity, courage and confidence to be your full, fabulous self.

There is NO BETTER TIME than NOW... 

So let me ask you this...Are you finally ready to start taking action?

Who is Karen

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Often we struggle because we are unsure of whether we have what it takes. I know I did....


It took me years to finally stand up to my full height, all five feet one inch (rounding up of course) of it. I am now doing what I’m meant to do and, more importantly, being who I am meant to be. And it feels… good, at last.

I’ve figured it out and I can help you figure it out too. I help people exactly like you get the clarity, courage and confidence to do what you are meant to do!



Work With Karen

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Listen to Our Clients

Chitra, Technology Sector, Fortune 100 Company, Bangalore

Ioanna, Powerpoint Presentation Specialist, Greece

Susan, Director, Learning & Development, Fortune 100 Company, United States

"I am so grateful to Karen to have spent time with us and making it an exalting experience for each one of us in that room. I have attended quite a few inspirational talks... but this was the best one!"

"From our first call together - 2 years ago -  I felt that Karen is an invaluable source of advice and motivation.  Karen helps me to bring my vision to life and inspired and motivated me to find the courage to do what I am meant to do."

"Karen is a phenomenal instructor, facilitator and coach. She’s gifted at engaging an entire room full of people. She’s smart, authentic and funny. She’s wonderful so I couldn’t write just one thing."

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