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Let's talk in a conversation that I guarantee will help.

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You Deserve To Be Confident!
I can absolutely get you there!

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Often we struggle because we are unsure of whether we have what it takes. I know I did....


It took me years to finally stand up to my full height, all five feet one inch (rounding up of course) of it. I am now doing what I’m meant to do and, more importantly, being who I am meant to be. And it feels… good, at last.


I’ve figured it out and I can help you figure it out too. I help people exactly like you get the clarity, courage and confidence to do what you are meant to do!

If Only You Knew How Magnificent You Really Are...

Imagine What You Could Accomplish!

That's Why I'm Here!

Let's Talk!

I believe the world is a better place when everyone stands up to their full height, to be who they are meant to be, so they can do what they are meant to do.

And sometimes we all need a little help in the form of a coach, a mentor or a cheerleader...sometimes we need all three at the same time!

I work with women who are already successful, and are looking for that extra clarity, courage and confidence to really step up to their next big thing.

I'm really good at seeing people, seeing their gifts and talents, seeing how things can be better, and then working with them in a compassionate way to make it better.

I have 30 years of corporate experience in Fortune 100 companies, and I've spent the last 15 of those years facilitating positive change in leaders.!

I know how to do this!

And I get to do this. I gest to make the world a better place by helping people shift and elevate.

Let's start a conversation!

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'Who, exactly, seeks out a coach.
Winners who want even more out of life.'  

-- Chicago Tribune

This Is For You If...

  • You feel stuck and unmotivated, stalled in your career or life

  • You want more clarity about what's next for you

  • You want to feel better about what you're doing

  • You feel a need for more courage to take a next step

  • You would like to feel more confidence

  • You are open to being more successful and happier

  • You know a thinking partner would really help

This Isn't For You If...

  • You are not ready to put yourself on the agenda

  • You are in a state of overwhelm and exhaustion

  • You don't believe you deserve more and better

  • You are not open to allowing abundance 

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What My Clients Say

Chitra, Technology Sector

 Fortune 100 Company, Bangalore

I am so grateful to Karen to have spent time with us and making it an exalting experience for each one of us in that room. I have attended quite a few inspirational talks... but this was the best one!

What's Included?

  • Your choice of 30 or 60 minute calls

  • Your choice of weekly or bi-weekly calls

  • Your choice of the agenda for each call

  • I will challenge your thinking and your assumptions --> you will gain new insights, ideas, outlooks

  • I will hold you accountable --> you will experience success at your goals

  • I will share many tips, tricks and techniques --> you will have more resources

  • I will cheerlead you on --> you will experience more clarity, courage and confidence


Percentage of people who experienced increased confidence with coaching, according to the Harvard Business Review.

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