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Why It’s Important To Always Keep Track Of Your Successes

I had a leader in one of my classes who sat for most of the 2-day course with his arms folded. It was distracting for me and I couldn’t help but think, ‘man, this guy is sure not loving me’. I tried my best to not focus on him so I could keep my confidence up.

Was I ever surprised to read his evaluation which said, ‘Karen is the best instructor I’ve ever seen, we should clone her!’ What!? I was so wrong about him, telling myself all kinds of stories that weren’t even true.

I still laugh at how much our negative thoughts can wreak havoc on our peace of mind.

And I used to carry that eval around with me as I travelled and trained. I’d read it before each class to remind myself of my gifts and to remind myself not to get too carried away with my brain’s negative bias.

Try this ONE thing

Do you have something like this that you can keep handy. Perhaps it’s a complimentary email, a certificate of accomplishment, a thank you card from your boss. Go dig that out and have a look at it to remember your awesomeness.

An even better idea: keep a ‘wins’ journal, where you write down each day all those big and little ‘wins’.

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