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What If The Best Thing, The Only Thing To Do Is Be Your Whole, True Self?

I remember buying this fabulous, glen-check plaid mini-skirt from Ann Taylor. It had a hint of pink in it so I paired it with a gorgeous pink silk turtleneck and black pumps. I was so excited to wear it, sure I would look so chic and fashionable.

It’s possible I did. But I spent the entire day pulling down that skirt. What I didn’t anticipate was how incredibly uncomfortable and exposed I felt in a mini-skirt. I’m much more comfortable with a sweater tied loosely around my shoulders, that’s my look.

On the road to confidence, the most important thing for me is to be comfortable and the best way to do that is to be myself. That’s it. It really is that simple.

I have spent time in my life with people who didn’t appreciate me, who made me feel less than. I did, what I’m sure many of you have done, which was to bend and contort myself into someone that would please the other, or at least align with who they needed me to be. I have done this for my mother, my ex-husband, and the occasional co-worker, boss, or friend.

Lately I’ve been experimenting with just being my true self, my whole self, the person I like best. I no longer want to spend energy being someone else’s vision of me. It is taking confidence on my part to go against the grain, but, in the end, I’m realizing I’m pretty much the expert at being me. I can be me easier than I can be someone else.

Know what I’m discovering? Not only is this much more enjoyable, but it’s also easier to attract people I want in my life, the people who appreciate me as I am. As for the rest, oh well. I’m not really trying to attract them anyways.

Try this ONE thing

You can be yourself much easier than you can be someone else. Look at your life and ask yourself where you are not being your true self, the you that you really love (stay tuned for upcoming blog about loving yourself, if this is your struggle). Find one opportunity this week to screw up the courage to show yourself, your real self.

And as I share my own journey to confidence, it is my intention that you’ll join me so that you show up as the confident person you are meant to be. This world needs you and me being our fully confident selves.

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