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Trust the Process

In my corporate role I get to work with leaders and their teams on getting better at working together. Other times I am working with leaders on being more authentic. There’s always a point in each program where I’m pushing them outside of their comfort zone. I know that’s where the magic happens, but they’re often feeling uncertain and unsure.

And, if I’m being totally honest, I sometimes feel a little nervous myself.

You see, instead of teaching what we call ‘skills and drills’ where we cover a leadership skill and then have them practice it, these programs get them confronting themselves and their vulnerabilities. It’s often about self-awareness and identifying when we go unconscious in our behavior, and maybe even self-sabotage. This is NOT the typical content they are expecting and I’m always a little worried about how they will receive it, and me.

There’s a point early in the program where I set context for them and tell them they may feel some discomfort in some modules. This is where I ask them to trust the process and to trust me as their guide. Inevitably, we end up with a very rich and rewarding experience.

So why do I continue to get nervous and worried at the start? I guess I need to do that ONE thing myself: trust the process and trust myself. Where do you need to do that more?

What’s ONE thing that requires you to just trust the process? Share that in the comments below.

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