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Where the MAGIC Happens

There’s a picture I keep on my fridge and it shows a circle with the words ‘your comfort zone’ written inside it. There’s another, much bigger circle up and to the right of the first circle with the words ‘where the MAGIC happens’ written inside it. I have taken much inspiration from this simple little drawing.

I am fortunate that my travels have taken me all over the world which also means I’m often way outside my comfort zone in terms of what I’ll eat, how I’ll manage with a different language, or even how I’ll cope with extreme heat.

One time in particular I was in Shanghai in July in 2014. It was close to 40 Celsius, very humid and I’d arrived incredibly early that morning. With a few hours of sleep, my colleague and I headed out to Nanjing Road, which is a cobblestone street filled with sights and wonders and street vendors galore. I’m hot, I’m tired, I’m hungry and I start to feel a rising panic about whether I will be successful at this leadership event. Before I know it, I’m filled with doubt and second-guessing myself.

Luckily, at that moment my son texts me and I remember that picture and ask him to send it to me. It shifts my thinking from the fear and panic to the anticipation that there’s a possibility for MAGIC to happen. And it did! That trip and that class was a favorite of mine and I eagerly anticipated the return trip the following May. Magic!

This ONE thing has gotten me through so much discomfort. Where can you allow the MAGIC to happen in your life? Tell me in the comments.

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