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Trust In Yourself, Stay Open, And Graciously Allow The Answer To Come

So I’m embarking on this journey to living an inspired life, and, of course, I’m impatient. I want things now, I want to know the answers now, and so a week into this journey, I’m feeling a little search-y.

Do you do that, or is it just me?

I think I’m getting caught up in the distinction between waiting (which feels hard and requires patience) and allowing.

Years ago, as I was going through my sister’s impending death, I had a Reiki Master I was seeing who gave me a mantra to repeat to myself: ‘Just for today I shall not worry, but I shall trust.’. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I am remembering that mantra this week, cause there are no coincidences, right?

I realize now, as I realized then, that I can choose to trust instead of to worry. I can trust myself, I can trust the people who love me, I can trust my colleagues, I can trust the universe.

And I can stay open to what is happening right now and bask and revel in that, while I’m on a journey to the next thing. As Epicurus said some 200 years ago: ‘Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not; remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.’.

That line is worth reading over a couple of times til you get it – and once you do, can you see how deliciously uplifting it is?

All that remains now is for me to allow the answer to come. I do not need to toil and stress and make things happen.

Now that’s quite difficult for me, as a hyper-achiever who’s lived in corporate all my life. Work is all about making things happen, but life doesn’t have to be. I can just trust, keep my eyes open and watch right next steps come to me.

Try this ONE thing

Stay tuned next week and I’ll share some of the answers I’ve already allowed in.

Do you need to trust yourself more? Do you need to be more open? Are you able to sit in effortlessness and just allow things to unfold?

Would you like some help with this? I am a coach / mentor / cheerleader and I work within all three of these roles to get you where you want to be because I’ve done it myself. Click here to learn more and contact me for a free call to discover how I can help.

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