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The Three People We Need Most To Find Success

Lately I’ve been having lots of conversations with women in tech, women who are engineers and scientists. And I’ve been leaving these conversations with a deep appreciation of the power of conversations…the power of conversations that help.

And I’ve come to realize those conversations, the ones that truly help are never just about coaching. Sure, sometimes I am a coach, asking powerful questions that help them discover their own wisdom and answers.

Lots of times, I’m a mentor, sharing my own wisdom and experience as a way of helping them.

But the role I’m loving the most is being a cheerleader. Even though I’m no longer sporting a tartan skirt and pom poms, I am cheerleading. You see, often we have the wisdom, the solution, the next step identified, and we just need some support to take that next step.

A cheerleader recognizes this and knows what you most need is encouragement from someone who believes in you and will keep believing in you as you find your way.

I struggled so much in calling myself a coach and now I know why…it’s too limiting. If I want to truly hold conversations that help, it requires me to be: 1) a coach, 2) a mentor, and 3) a cheerleader. And I have to be artfully moving in and out of these roles as you need me to.

Try this ONE thing

Consider who you might be and what you might achieve with a cheerleader by your side?

I’m so loving this concept! I’d love to know what you think. I’m thinking of updating Karen Laidlaw, the ONE thing with new concept and offering. Yes? No? Thoughts?

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