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Your Negativity Bias in your Mind Makes your Tragic Flaws Endure

Why is it so hard to update our internal image to include all of what’s good about us?

I think we feel like we must confess our sins and own up to our faults so that others know we know our flaws. Perhaps its an attempt to head off criticism.

That could be why, but more likely it’s that our minds have this built-in negativity bias that sees our flaws as larger than our merits. Because noticing danger and threat i.e. the bad stuff was what kept us alive on the savannah and in the caves; that muscle is more highly-developed and attuned. We see the flaws first and almost exclusively. It’s ever present and crowds out the good.

Did you know your mind has some 60,000 thoughts a day and that 80% of them are negative and repetitive? It’s a wonder anything positive slips through.

But we cannot do great things, or even good things, if the positive cannot get through, even if it’s hard to let the positive in.

Try this ONE thing

Look back over the past day. How many positive thoughts did you have?

If a flood of negative thoughts come to mind, you’ve got to flip this. And there are specific techniques to do that, which I learned from Shirzhad Chamine in his Positive Intelligence certification class. I’d love to talk with you about your specific challenges and how you can quiet those negative voices.

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