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You've Really Gotta Know Your Truth If You Want To Speak It

I’m fixing to have a heart to heart with someone I love, and I’m drawing courage from a few women of late who have stepped up to speak their truth, even in the face of uncertainty and possible criticism.

Interestingly, all the examples involve saying no to something that is no longer fulfilling them. That takes a lot of courage to stop doing something that no longer works for them. I know that fear comes alongside their courage. What will people think? Am I making the right decision? Will I have regrets down the road?

Know what it also comes with? A rock-solid knowledge of what’s true for them. They’ve searched their soul, they’ve tapped into their feelings; they’ve listened to their heart. And then they spoke.

It’s this knowing of what is true for them, what is right for them, that gives them the courage to embrace the fear and speak their truth anyways.

Scary? For sure. But I’m guessing it’s also life-affirming and exhilarating.

Try this ONE thing

Take some time to really listen to yourself. Listen to your soul. What’s it saying to you? Listen to your feelings? What are they saying to you? Listen to your heart. What’s it saying to you?

Now act!

This is how you become your most confident self. I want that for you and for me. Join this journey with me by signing up for my blog at or dropping me a note at

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