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Who Will You Have To Become To Pull Off That Big Something?

Have you considered that you might need to be someone different in order to achieve your gateway goal? It may require you to be bolder or more fearless or to take a risk to try something new or to adopt a new mindset.

Last week I had to make a big presentation to some senior leaders. While my first instinct was to decline and let someone else do it, I knew I had to step up. In my angst as I was telling someone I wasn’t sure I could do it, they simply said, ‘maybe you’re not giving yourself enough credit’.

Hmmm…as I thought about it, I realized I had to trust myself more and step into a confidence that I did have but sometimes pushed to the background.

Try this ONE thing

Consider who you will become here by downloading my FREE guide My #4 Secret Success Tip: You Will Be Different, Better to get started on that new YOU.

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