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Talk To Yourself Like Your Best Friend Would, Then Really Listen

Updated: May 3

Those choices you’re making right now, the ones you know aren’t really working for you…what would your best friend say about them? If you could ask for, and they could give, the unvarnished truth, don’t you already know what they would say?

Of course, you do. Your best friend knows when you’re doing things that are harming you. Your heart knows it too.

Usually, it’s some unhealthy relationship you’re staying in too long; that partner that doesn’t really consider your needs; that friend that is always taking but never giving; that job that drains your energy.

And I bet you know what your best friend is thinking. It’s probably the same thing you would be thinking if the situation were reversed. Isn’t it time to listen?

Try this ONE thing

Take a moment to consider what advice you really need in this moment. Then channel your best friend’s wisdom and take that advice. You know you want to and, more importantly, you know you should.


Want to experience coaching? I like to start with a deep, get-to-know-you conversation to see if we are right for each other. Sometimes we talk for one or two hours at no charge. I have no goal except to bring about transformation. Together we work on the lies, the self-deception, and the fears of the power you perceive to be outside yourself. We work on your difficulties in making decisions and your inability thus far to make bold choices in life and to follow through and trust yourself completely to do so.

The irony for some people is that the very thing that they want the coaching for (an indecisive, half-hearted life) is what’s keeping them from deciding whether to get coaching.

When you’re ready, reach out @ Meanwhile, enjoy the blog!

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