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When You Feel Fear Showing Up, Do This One Thing To Control It

At this point of goal setting, it’s not uncommon for fear to start showing up. This happens because, as you start to make your goals more real and tangible, doubts can creep up about whether you can achieve your goal.

It’s all fine when it’s a vague, unspecific ‘someday’ wish. But now that I’ve asked you to get specific, you can start to back peddle.

Here’s the thing: not every thought you have is useful or even true. So it’s okay to have some fear, and even say that fear out loud. It’s okay to listen to your inner voice that’s warning you. Do that.

But all too often, we accept as true any and all thoughts that occur to us, unquestionably. Don’t do that.

Instead examine each thought: is it useful? is it true? You will likely find that a lot of your fears and doubts will wilt under this type of observation and scrutiny.

Try this ONE thing

As soon as a thought comes up that doesn’t feel good, stop and take a moment to examine it. If it’s not useful and true, thank it for coming and send it packing. You don’t need to waste time on thoughts that aren’t serving you.

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