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Watch With Enthusiasm What Happens, Knowing It’s Come to Bless You In Wonderful Ways

I struggled a lot at the start of the pandemic. I know, my story in not unique, but perhaps how I got out of that struggle is.

Before the pandemic, I got to travel around the world 2-3 weeks a month to facilitate leadership training events for our senior management. I loved everything about this: being in airports and hotels, packing, meeting new people, making connections and having the opportunity to change lives.

When all that came to a screeching halt in March 2020, I was left with a job I would never have chosen for myself – sitting at a desk all day, on Zoom calls, manipulating spreadsheets and slides. I was alone all day, with a closet full of unworn business attire, and without even my daily walks and workouts due to an untimely and persistent knee problem.

Like many of you, I languished for months in this state, almost paralyzed by the negativity and loss.

Until I stumbled across this question: how could what I am experiencing be a blessing to me?

Mind blown! Spending time figuring out what was good about my situation forced me to dig deeper and find the blessings.

What did I find? So many new joys and a renewed sense of gratitude. One of my favourite things the pandemic gave me was regular family dinners, something we’d never been able to achieve pre-pandemic. It became the highlight of my week. I even learned to cook, which I had thought I’d never enjoy.

Try this ONE thing

Find something that right now is a struggle, a nuisance, or just feels meh in your life and ask yourself what the blessing in it might be. How might it be designed for your good?

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