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Two Easy Ways To Stress Test Your Goal To Be Sure It’s Right For You

When you know your gateway goal, success will come so much easier.

When I narrowed down my goals to one and made it the most important ONE that would pave the way for more success, I did feel like I was on a mission. Because I knew that this gateway goal was key to everything else, it became so much easier to commit to it.

For me, as soon as I lighted on to this goal, I had a sense of certainty that it was what I needed to work on and resolve.

You might not yet have that clarity and that’s okay because my FREE guide for this month includes two great techniques to stress test your goal to be sure it’s your gateway goal and that it’s big enough. These techniques are easy and very powerful.

Try this ONE thing

Stress test your goal by going here to get my FREE guide My #2 Secret Success Tip: Ensure Your Goal is Big Enough to find out how you can be sure you’re working on your gateway goal.

Make sure you’re signed up to get my blog so you won’t miss next month’s secret success tip.

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