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Trust, Be Secure Knowing That The Thing Is On The Way

Last week a girlfriend and I were musing on how we’ve both been so blessed with answers and gifts and all manner of great things, many bigger and better than we could’ve anticipated.

In fact, neither of us could think of a single example where we were left alone, forgotten, and forsaken; well, at least not for long.

So why do we ever allow ourselves to be frustrated and impatient? If we knew the thing we’re hoping for, the answer we’re seeking, would come, eventually and surely, why can’t we just relax in that knowledge and enjoy the now, the getting there?

We mused that perhaps is our greatest lesson to learn…to be able to enjoy today, trusting that the future will take care of itself?

Try this ONE thing

Need a little inspiration for this? Take a few moments to find examples in your own life of where this has happened. I’m betting you’ll find lots of them, enough to convince you to trust and be secure that this new thing is also on it’s way to you.

I can help you do this! Reach me here to have a conversation about this. You will be amazed at the power of talking about it with me will make.

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