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To Guarantee Success, Make Your Goal Can Pass This One Simple Test

Lots of people make goals but too often they are wishy-washy. ‘I want to be successful/happier/thinner’, or ‘I’d like a better job/relationship/home’.

At first blush, the flaw isn’t immediately obvious. We think, when we hear or make goals like these, we know what it means.

But these goals are so vague, it will be impossible to know when we’re successful.

‘By year’s end, I want to drop 15 pounds and be able to see my feet again’ is a much better goal because we know what success looks like and we know when we’re looking to see that success.

Try this ONE thing

Now that you’ve narrowed in on your gateway goal, are you crystal clear on what success looks like? If not, work on it so that it’s so clear that your grandmother and/or your grandchild could understand it.

As always, if you want some help doing this, you’d be amazed how much we can accomplish in a short FREE 15-minute call. Let’s talk!

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