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There’s Always a Way

While we’re on the subject of wishing, you may not have been able to block your rational mind from telling you all the reasons why your wish is impossible. That fear-based thinking is always with us, isn’t it?

Alright, since you’ve already got those thoughts, let me give you a few tips and tricks to push them aside:

  • “Lots can still happen” – one of my good friends always says this to me when I get stuck in what she calls ‘stinking thinking’, when I’ve stopped believing; it’s a positive reminder that this is not the end.

  • “How might I…?” – straight from the Design Thinking handbook, this question gets me to possibility; it starts from the place of positivity that there’s a way, I just need to figure it out.

  • Give the task to your non-conscious brain – before I go to bed, I can give the problem over to my non-conscious brain to come up with an answer; that part of our brain stores all the ideas and information we’ve collected over our lifetime and if I give it some time and space, it will search through, reorganize and combine data in new ways to present me with an answer or two.

Try this ONE thing

Take your wish, or make a new one, and then apply one of these techniques. I’d love to hear what insights you get. Comment below.

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