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The Value of Persistence

Doesn’t this picture inspire you? Here’s this tiny little forlorn plant breaking through against all the odds.

We’re all a bit like that. We’ve already overcome incredible odds just to be born. With all the challenges we’ve already faced and the setbacks we’ve stared down, and the pandemic, some days you’ve gotta wonder how we’re still standing.

And yet…we are. We keep on going.

Because we’re persistent. We believe in the end game so we don’t get caught in the drama in the middle of the game. Like I mentioned last week, persistence is about advancing confidently.

Try this ONE thing

Take a look back at a time in your life when you faced one of your biggest challenges. And reflect on how you got through. Remember what strength you had and how you found it. Now carry that forward to today’s challenge. You are strong and you can break through.

And if you sometimes find that hard, and want a little help, why not try a free coaching call with me to see how I can help. Go here to book.

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