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The One Thing You Need to Stop Doing in Order to Progress

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it: you’ve got to stop believing every thought you have!

Your thoughts do not always serve you. They are often negative and repetitive and if you keep giving them your attention and believing them wholeheartedly, you will impede your progress.

The trouble is you have so many thoughts each day and you probably can’t catch all of them, but you can catch the one you’re thinking right now.

Here’s an example from my day: I have been doing Keto for 9 weeks and lost 22 pounds and feel great. And I took a vacation to Scottsdale, Arizona, during which I planned to take a Keto break. I thoroughly enjoyed indulging in Sees Chocolates, and Panera Bread…yummy.

So why are my thoughts filled with recrimination and judgement and fears that I’ll revert to my old habits?

Because it’s normal! And that doesn’t mean I have to buy in to all those negatives.

Here’s what I’m doing about it: I am thanking those thoughts for coming; they are reminding me to guard against backsliding. And then I am shushing those thoughts and focusing on giving myself massive love and encouragement.

Try this ONE thing

What thought are you having right now that needs to be thanked and sent on its merry way? Do that. And then replace it with a good thought about anything. And then all you have to do is keep doing that…yes, It’ll take work but there’s nothing more important you can do. Nothing else will pay off like this will.

Want some help with this? I know there is nothing more powerful than a thinking partner to help you really develop this life-affirming habit! Let me be your coach, your mentor, your cheerleader; you will be amazed at the results! Click here to learn more and contact me for a free call to discover how I can help.

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