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The Next ONE Thing That’s Most Important For Me

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the so-called Great Resignation and wondering if it’s not just about so many people (particularly woman) resigning from jobs, but if it’s also about feeling resigned to our lot in life. So many are feeling ‘meh’ about their lives right now, that there’s a new term coined called ‘languishing’ – not feeling too terribly bad, but not feeling great either.

I know I can help here. You see I’ve spent a lot of my adult life figuring these things out for myself, working to figure out the secret, struggling to find my voice, battling my insecurities and limiting beliefs. I can confidently say that my dominant feeling now is one of joy, peace, happiness, satisfaction; I just simply feel good most of the time.

And my greatest desire is to share what I’ve learned so you feel good too.

Will you do this ONE thing for me?

To that end, I’ve decided to start creating courses to share the many life hacks, habits and wisdom I’ve discovered and incorporated into my life. Those who know me know I’m never happier than when I’m creating, designing and teaching, so this feels right to me.

And now my big ask of you...would you help me by taking just 2 minutes to let me know which topics resonate with you. You can reply to this blog, send me an email at , or, if you're viewing this on LinkedIn, respond to the survey. You have my gratitude.

Potential Topics:

  1. Managing your personal energy

  2. Keeping yourself positive by controlling your inner critic

  3. Achieving that big goal

  4. Creating a job you love

  5. Finding your voice

  6. Developing resilience and bouncing back

  7. Other ideas

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