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The #l Thing You Are After Is A Feeling of Irresistible Happiness

Why do we want a better job? A better body? A better relationship? We think it’s the thing that we want, but it’s not really about the thing. It’s about the feeling you think you’ll have once you have the thing. And here’s a hint: the feeling you’re after is happiness, irresistible happiness.

It’s not the better job you want so much as the feeling you’ll have when you have a better job. Maybe you’ll be more confident, feel more appreciated, have more joy each day? You want to those feelings and you believe the better job is the way to get there.

What’s the feeling you want that you think a better body or a better relationship will give you?

Lately, I’ve switched my focus away from the thing I want towards the feeling I’m after…irresistible happiness. When I think of my current goals, I’ve realized I want those goals because I really want to feel engaged and joyous, singing at the end of each day. So now, instead of focusing on the goals, I focus on all the ways I already feel engaged and joyous and all the ways I could attract more of those feelings.

And before I know it, I find I’ve achieved the goal…just by focusing on the feelings.

Try this ONE thing

Tap into the feeling you’re after that you think having the thing will give you. Once you know what that feeling is that you’re after, look at everything in your life that currently gives you that feeling and that could give you that feeling.

And that watch what happens next.

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