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The Incredible Rightness and Lightness of Getting Back To Your True Self

I’ve known for a long time that I am at my best when I am eating and exercising well. And once my knee got better, the exercising has been going along fabulously. Yet I continued to indulge most cravings for chocolate and sweets.

Until a few weeks ago when I started Keto. (Do not worry that I’ll be spending my blogs trying to convert you all; I’m not going to be that person.)

I am eating way less and making better food choices and I…feel…fantastic! I’ve released a little more than 10 pounds, which is great, but this is about so much more than the scale.

I feel like myself, my best self, again. I feel in control. I feel strong and healthy and good in my clothes. Of course, I knew I would because I’ve been here before and it feels familiar.

It feels like everything is right in my world. I feel lighter and just light, easy, at peace.

All this from getting back to what my true self wanted all along. Ahhh…such a good feeling.

Try this ONE thing

What is your true self calling you to? Think back to the last time you felt that rightness and lightness. What were you doing then that you perhaps stopped?

It’s time to get back to your true self, your best self.

Want some help? I am a coach / mentor / cheerleader and I work within all three of these roles to get you where you want to be because I’ve done it myself. Click here to learn more and contact me for a free call to discover how I can help.

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