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The Importance of Believing Like a Child When Asking For What You Want

Did you ever write a letter to Santa (for those who believed)?

What I loved about those letters is the incredible specificity. We knew exactly what we wanted, and we weren’t afraid to write it on the list, never doubting that the all-powerful Santa would provide.

And then we grew up and we learned the truth about Santa ☹.

We still make those lists, we just don’t send them to Santa anymore.

Know what else is different? Now when we make the list, we almost immediately take out a big black marker and we start editing. Oh, we still want those things…we just don’t think we deserve them, or we think it’s too much to ask for, or we think we’re not enough ___________ (fill in the blank with your favourite judgement about yourself). So, we cross things off and we’re left with a list of ‘safe’ things, the things we believe we can get, if we cross our fingers and wish real hard.

Where’s the magic in that?

Try this ONE thing

I say we sit down and write a new list, the list that’s in our heart. And then we channel our younger self and believe, really believe, in a universe that stands ready to grant us and everyone exactly what we want. The secret is in the believing.

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