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The First Rule of Success: Plan Your Work, Work Your Plan

We’ve talked about all sorts of important things about defining your goal, developing yourself and preparing for setbacks. The last thing I want to mention is perhaps the most important. It’s about doing the work.

Yes, it’s important to have great clarity on your gateway goal, and to be the kind of person who can achieve that goal, but at the end of the day, it’s important to get busy taking all the steps that will lead to success.

This is where you have to detail all the things, big and small that are going to be necessary for achievement. And this is where you have to actually do the work.

Hopefully lots of those steps will be fun and easy, but not all of them will be and you’re still going to have to do them.

Try this ONE thing

I’m a big fan of the concept of ‘the single next action’, which is all about determining what is the very next step you need to take. Not only does this clarify the path, but it also always makes it easy to get moving. Creating the blogs for the month for me is big and a little scary. Determining the topic and title for the first blog is my single next action, writing it is the second, finding the picture that goes along with it is next, scheduling it to appear on my website comes next. It’s so much easier for me to tackle these steps one at a time than it would be to create a month’s worth of blogs in one sitting.

What is your single next action? And the one after that? Can you get started on those?

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