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The #1 Way to Finally Suffer Less: Try Effortlessness

There’s something so seductive about being effortless, about floating with ease through life.

Does this describe your life? Or do you believe, as my English prof used to say, that life is ‘brutish, nasty and short’? Ugh, who wants that? Well, it appears many of us do, given the amount of efforting that goes on every day.

Maybe you were raised to believe you’ve got to work hard for everything you want. Remember Jane Fonda’s workout videos, encouraging us to ‘feel the burn’. Yes, hard work is important; we can’t just wish for something and then wait for it to show up.

We’ve got to put forth effort, true, but let it be inspired effort, not struggle.

I realized this over the past few days. I was searching for a solution to a challenging relationship. I was thinking and ruminating and running all sorts of scenarios through my mind, not getting any clear direction. And then I stopped, I decide to quit the struggle. The answer will come if I let it and it will be inspired. And then it won’t take effort, but rather inspired action and it will be easy and effortless.

Try this ONE thing

I have learned that when the effort becomes struggle, when you’re straining so hard and not getting anywhere, it’s time to let it go. Think of Karen von Blixen in Out of Africa when she and her workers are trying so hard to shore up the coffee plants against the monsoon rains; she has that moment when she realizes the futility of it all and says, ‘oh just let it go’.

What do you need to let go of? Where in your life do you need to turn in the direction of ease and effortlessness?

I’d love to hear what you’d like to make effortless so please comment.

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