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Taking a Moment Of Gratitude Is A Sure Way To Improve Your Mood

‘Count your blessings, name them one by one’ is a line from a favourite hymn and some of the best advice I’ve ever received and practiced.

Sometimes I sit down and write out as many blessings as I can in ten minutes. I consider everything and I often find I can come up with 50 things without much effort.

Other times, I just take a moment to list 10 things that come to mind easily. This is particularly helpful when I’m stressed, overwhelmed, bored or just struggling.

When I first heard this idea, I resisted it. It surely can’t be that easy. It seemed trivial and too simplistic.

But it’s worth trying, even if you don’t believe it can work.

Try this ONE thing

It can be hard amid not feeling so good to find something to count your blessings, so start small. Find the tiniest thing that you can be grateful for and savour that for a moment. Then find another thing and be grateful for that.

And before long, you’re feeling better.

Hey! Are you already successful and accomplished? Do you have many things to appreciate about your life right now? Are you always open to learning more and growing yourself?

Despite all your successes, do you sometimes doubt yourself? Do you hesitate to go after what you really want in life?

Or maybe you dismiss your past successes, putting them down to luck, and don’t really see how extraordinary you really are?

If this sounds like you, you and I should have a conversation. Drop me a line here,, and let’s talk!

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