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Put The Big Rocks In First To Get To Success

You know that experiment where you have rocks, stones, pebbles and sand that you have to all fit into a jar? It’s referenced often in Stephen Covey’s work on managing your time, your schedule.

The idea is that if you start with sand, then pebbles, then stones, you will find there’s no room left for the rocks. The learning is that you put the big rocks in first and you’ll be able to fit everything else in.

Beautifully simple.

The big rocks represent the most important things you need to get done; best to tackle those first. When I don’t follow this, and busy myself with the trivial, easy-to-do tasks, I run out of time and energy to tackle the big rocks.

Try this ONE thing

Before you start your day, take a moment to determine what your big rocks are. What are the most important, biggest, most challenging things to do in your day? Do those first and you’ll find enough time to get everything else done. At the end of the month, you’ll be able to download my FREE guide My #6 Secret Success Tip: Work Your Way To Success.

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