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One Simple Way To Stop Second-Guessing Yourself On Every Single Thing

Over the last six weeks, I’ve been learning how to facilitate a new culture workshop for our leaders. While the content is easy enough, the technical elements have stretched me almost to the breaking point more than once. Just when I thought I had it down, something wouldn’t work the way it did before.

At long last, I conquered my final challenge, displaying a timer in Zoom while playing music during the break. Woohoo! Success at last.

What was interesting to me about this was that I really thought I’d gotten to a place of confidence, grace and self-trust such that I couldn’t become so undone by such a challenge. I had several moments when I wondered if I would ever get it, and at least once I considered whether this was a sign that it was time to retire.

Wasn’t I over this kind of self-doubt, this second-guessing of myself?

Apparently not.

Did you know we have over 60,000 thoughts a day and 80% of them are negative and repetitive? No wonder I was struggling.

My favourite piece of wisdom from author Marci Shimoff is, ‘don’t believe everything you think’.

The first thing I did was stop listening to all my negative thoughts. They still came up, but instead of taking them as truth, I talked back to them. Sometimes I disagreed with them, sometimes I just said no, sometimes I came up with a better, more helpful thought. It took some work and some energy, but eventually I quieted that voice.

Try this ONE thing

Try this experiment: for one day, notice your thoughts. You won’t catch all 60,000 of them, but you’ll catch quite a few. How many of them are worth believing? I’m betting there are a whole bunch of thoughts that just need to be ignored.

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