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One Quick Little Favour, Please

I got my report on how my blog is doing and discovered that NO ONE opened my blog email this past month...yikes! That's embarrassing.

But really, I get it. And if my blog is just one more thing clogging up your Inbox, do me a favour and remove your name from it.

I promised I won't be offended...I'll keep writing anyways because I enjoy it so much.

And, I'm taking my blog in a new direction this week that aligns more strongly with my purpose and passion...confidence!

I'm going to get a little more personal and share my own journey to confidence because I believe it's so important and I want every one of us to live confidently. I imagine how much better our world would be if all of us were confident and couldn't be shaken.

Stay tuned if this is ONE thing you want to invest it...delete your name from my list if it isn't.

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