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One More Simple Way To Stop Second-Guessing Yourself On Every Single Thing

How are you doing quieting that negative voice? Are you able to stop listening to it, at least some of the time? Can you come up with a better, more helpful thought?

It takes work, but it is the work you and I are here to do on this earth, before we can get to the real work we’re here to do, the work the world needs from each and every one of us.

Have you ever noticed that people keep certificates and cards of acknowledgement and appreciation long past their shelf life? Why? Beside they are tangible, visible reminders that we’re good, we’re valued, we matter.

You can do this for yourself with a ‘WINS’ journal, a place to record your triumphs and successes, to acknowledge yourself for your achievements. It’s just for you so that in those moments of doubt, of second-guessing, you can turn to it to remind yourself that you have already done a lot and you still have a lot to offer…sort of a ‘cheat sheet’ to maintaining your self-esteem and confidence. The best part? It really works. Even on your worst day, you can find even one small thing to celebrate about yourself and your work.

It's an excellent way to create what I call a virtuous, upward spiral of self-love.

Try this ONE thing

Get yourself a journal, label it ‘My WINS’, open it up to the first page and put in today’s date. Now as you go through your day, capture every success you have, whether there by only one or ten…everything goes in there.

Keep it handy…I keep mine open on the right side of my desk for easy capturing and reviewing.

Turn to it when you most need to remind yourself of your wins.

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