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Notice What Is Already Coming True for You

As I work in my corporate job for perhaps the last 1 or 2 years, I am really noticing what things make my day and which things have me dragging through the day.

Number one on that list is a full day of meeting after meeting on Zoom. These are the days I dread when I get up in the morning. The odd thing is that I find myself enjoying each meeting once I’m in it, but the thought of hours straight going from one meeting to another…ugh!

I want enough time in the day that I can think and create the many learning initiatives I am asked to do as I help teams and individuals get better. Too often, I do this creative work in the evenings or on weekends and that is getting old for me at this point in my life.

Today as I am looking ahead to the rest of the week, I am noticing something really cool. This week is not overloaded with meetings. I have open space in my calendar, time to research a topic, time to design slides, time to rehearse an upcoming training.

And I realize I created that! I set an intention to have more time to think and create, to have less days fully booked with meetings, and I got it. Coincidentally, next week has some open space as well. I am loving how attracting, aligning and allowing are syncing up for me!

Try this ONE thing

They can for you too! We are all attracting through our thoughts all the time. And hopefully what we’re thinking about aligns to what we truly want. Then it becomes a question of allowing.

Are you noticing what’s coming in your life. Is it what you’re wishing for?

This work has been game-changing for me and I can help you make this work for you too. I am a coach / mentor / cheerleader and I work within all three of these roles to get you where you want to be because I’ve done it myself. Click here to learn more and contact me for a free call to discover how I can help.

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