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Maybe You Should Talk to Someone

My coaching clients are always telling me how valuable it is to talk to someone. And I know this myself from all my conversations with my coaches (yep, I have more than one).

I think of a coach as a thinking partner, a partner in believing. They are usually someone who is a great listener who knows how to ask the right question to make me think differently or cause a shift in me. I’m certain I could not be where I am without my coaches. Here are the 3 things I get from a coaching conversation:

They reflect myself back to me - they often see things in me that I am not aware of because they are listening not only to what I say but also to what I’m not saying; they can hear it all. So many times one question from them opens my eyes to exactly the thing I need to see or know. One coach, who was helping me navigate a difficult business relationship, wisely helped me shift to the real issue, which was how and who I wanted to be as I went through my sister’s death. That coaching really changed that whole experience for me.

They hold me accountable – when I say I’m committed to doing something or not doing something, they are there to check in and see if I’m doing what I said I would. One coach simply reminded me that I wanted to step into more courage and called me on it when I was waffling and looking for excuses not to be bold.

They are my cheerleader – as I launched the ONE thing and encountered setbacks and areas beyond my expertise, the kinds of things that might make me bail, one coach, Roger with me in Singapore, always sends me a nice note of encouragement, pointing out my talents and abilities and why I could in fact succeed.

Life is hard, obstacles are many and it’s very easy to get stuck or turn back. A coach will not let that happen to you; they are for you. And don’t we all need a little of that?

Having a coach is ONE thing that’s led me to success. We all need a little help sometimes. How could a coach help you succeed?

Want to experience coaching? Go here to book a free 15-minute call with me. I know you’ll get at least one insight or idea from our conversation.

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