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It's That Time Of Year, The Fun Is Over And It’s Time To Get Back To Work

We just celebrated Labour Day and where I am in Canada, today is the first day of school for pretty much everyone. Those lazy, crazy days of summer are gone and life gets serious again. I’ve always felt like the Tuesday after Labour Day was kind of like New Year’s Day, because it’s a chance to start anew.

For many of my adult years, this meant back to school for me as well. I chose to get my University degree at night so for almost 9 years that meant books and schedules and assignments were starting up again.

Even though I’m twenty years past night school, I still find this time of year invigorating and exciting, a new beginning. The weather is cooler and the leaves are turning here in Toronto, and the sweaters come out signaling the newness.

What am I planning? Well, the gyms and hair salons are open again so that’s a new beginning. Very possibly, travel may open and I’ll finally be able to begin planning that retreat I’ve been promising.

The biggest beginning at my house will be a new main floor: new kitchen, family room, flooring and stairs, and of course a fresh coat of paint, and possibly some new furniture…exciting! I’ve been here 21 years so I’m due, and it’s much easier than moving.

Try this ONE thing

As you say goodbye to summer (at least in the Western Hemisphere), how can you use this time to begin anew? What goals are you looking to achieve?

I'm starting a series all about goal setting and I can't wait to share my goals and my best tips with you, so stay tuned each week. Know someone else who needs help with their goals? Have them sign up for my blog by going to https://bit_ly/kltheonething.

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