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It’s So Important That You Are The One Setting Your Goals

I had a friend who was trying to quit smoking. When I asked him why, he said his daughter wanted him to quit. That certainly sounds like a compelling reason, and yet, two weeks later I found him smoking out front of the building as I walked in.

“What happened?”, I asked. He just smiled and shrugged.

I think I know what happened. He didn’t really want to quit smoking. He’d been smoking for most of his life and he really loved the feeling of taking that first drag.

His goal was not his; it was his daughter’s.

Do you have goals that someone else thinks you should achieve? Does your mother want you to find a less stressful job so you have more time to spend with her? Does your husband want you to make more money? Does your boss want you to develop project management skills? Don’t get me wrong; those are all good goals, but if they’re not YOUR goals, it will be difficult for you to achieve them and it probably won’t feel satisfying if you do.

Try this ONE thing

Your goal (or goals) should make you feel happy, first and foremost. It’s okay if they also make others happy but not if that comes at your expense. If one of your goals is really someone else’s goal, it’s time to hand it, politely but firmly, back to them. 😊

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