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It’s Not About The Numbers

Yesterday I got a marketing email from someone I’ve been following. This person is an expert on a particular aspect of brand-building and I’ve always found her content to be very useful.

But this email was for an offering around loving your body…what!?! What is a marketing expert doing selling advice on such a personal thing? How do these two things connect to each other?

The thing is…they don’t. And I’m unsubscribing.

I’ve also had several people approach me with a ‘co-marketing’ scheme where they were pitching us working together and supporting each other. Before long, it became apparent that their hand was extended out to get from me, but their return offer didn’t seem to materialize.

These days the internet is replete with sellers offering fantastic success and big promises of support. Once you sign up, you realize you don’t actually get to work with the expert; you’re just another purchaser, another number.

This is the social media marketing plan we’ve evolved to: anonymous, efficient, lonely.

I don’t want sales, I want connections. And this may be naïve on my part, but I’d like to believe there’s a place for honest and real connection and exchange.

Try this ONE thing

Tell me to believe that’s possible too. Let’s make a real connection; talk to me, give me a comment.

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