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Increase Your Happiness By Finding Ways To Surround Yourself With Love

Today my dad turns 91!

He visited us last week from Quebec City. My brothers and I decided to surprise him with a party for not just the local family but also family from Port Colborne and Buffalo (a couple of hours away).

As I prepared to welcome everyone to my home, I realized I was not just excited for my dad but I was also excited to see family.

He was truly delighted to see so many of his family there to celebrate. And he had an opportunity to make a little thank you speech wherein he shared some words of wisdom for aging (keep your mind active) but also some appreciation for being around good people.

At one point, I stopped to look around the room. What did I see? Smiles, laughter, leaning in, talking, listening and a genuine joy to be with each other. And even though not everyone knew each other, and others hadn’t seen each other for quite a few years, there was love in the room.

I realized I enjoy being with each person that was there, and thought to myself, ‘why don’t I spend more time with these folks?’.

It felt so good to be surrounded by love that I’m making a conscious decision to make closer ties with each of them. I want more of the happiness I felt that day.

Try this ONE thing

Who are those people for you? Who increases your happiness and surrounds you with love?

Figure that out first, then find a way to be with them more.

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