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Increase Your Contentment Through the Miracle of Naming It To Claim It

For a good portion of the pandemic, I was suffering from a knee problem that prevented me from going to gym (when they were open) and from getting my 10,000 steps a day. In fact, I couldn’t even walk for five minutes at day.

Since I didn’t have an injury, I set about seeing various doctors, massage therapists, chiropractors, pretty much any kind of healer to alleviate the pain.

It was discouraging, even demoralizing, and I began to wonder if this was my new state now. Would I always have pain? Would I never walk without a limp again? Would I need a cane?

I remember a particularly troubling day, when in conversation with my boss, I said, ‘I just want to find someone who knows what this is and knows how to fix it.’

Some days later a random encounter with a stranger led me to a local chiropractor who had helped him make a miraculous recovery from back pain.

I called and made an appointment. At our very first session, he looked at my x-rays and said, ‘I know what this is, and I know how to fix it.’

He literally said the words I had wished to hear, word for word.

That’s some crazy stuff, right there. And it’s not lost on me the power of being specific about what I wanted.

Try this ONE thing

What’s something you want? Are you clear on what that is? If not, get very clear. The Universe, like the waiter at a restaurant, needs your order to be specific. When you are clear and specific about what you want, the Universe stands ready to fill the order, exactly as you ordered it.

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