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In Praise Of Doing Nothing For A Day, Or Even An Hour

Our company gave us a ‘Me’ day recently (thank you HP Inc.!), a day to just take care of ourselves. We were encouraged to truly take the day, and not to use it to catch up, or do yard work (unless that’s your happy place). I thought of it as a day to be free of all duty and obligation.

I did nothing that day…and I loved it! I especially loved the absence of any scheduled tasks or meetings.

In a world where many of us are living a life of structure, deadlines, and minute-by-minute productivity, what a gift it is to do nothing…and for a whole day, wow! I slept in and woke up naturally (i.e. I disabled the alarm on my phone for that day) and I watched some TV. I never get to do that in the morning…what a treat!

I have a beautiful memory of visiting some friends one summer day many years ago. The short visit turned into lunch and then dinner together while we sat outside on their backyard patio, just enjoying the sun, good conversation and lots of laughter. Oh, the irrepressible joy of a short visit turning into a 9-hour fun fest.

I don’t do things like that enough. I’m betting you don’t either.

Try this ONE thing

What would you do with a free day? What would fill you with joy? What would bring you a sigh of contentment?

Go carve out a day (or start with an hour, if a whole day feels too intimidating). Your only task is to experience and enjoy doing nothing. And then, do it again. And again.

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