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If You Could Do ONE Thing…

If you could do ONE thing to have the life you’d love to be living, what would it be? Don’t you love this question? It’s just a bit more action-oriented than making a wish, although I really recommend you spend time wishing. 😊

I also like this question because it’s not overwhelming. It’s not listing everything that’s missing or needs fixing before you can live a life you’d love.

It’s just ONE thing…one tiny little ONE thing that you could do. You don’t have to, but you could.

I’m asking myself what ONE thing I could do to have the life I’d love. And my answer is…to savour.

  • I could savour all the good that already exists in my life by making a list

  • I could take 20 seconds each day to just savour something good

  • I could finish each day writing 3 things I am savouring

There’s that scriptural principle that what we appreciate, appreciates. If we forget to be thankful for what we have, we just might lose it. And if we express gratitude for what we have, we often get more. I think I’m going to go spend 20 seconds savouring.

Try this ONE thing

Ask yourself that question: if you could do just ONE thing to have the life you’d love to be living, what would it be?

Then answer it.

Then go do it.

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