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I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Two years ago I met Roger and Sophia from PERSONNA, a leadership development company based out of Singapore.  Roger is a leadership coach; he’s my coach and he’s taken me from those early days of doubting whether I could even attempt Karen Laidlaw the ONE thing to actually doing it and loving it.

I heard about him from a colleague and decided to give him a call. To be honest, I just wanted to know more about his services so I could have him as a referral resource for senior executives looking to reach their next level of performance.

I wasn’t too long into the conversation before I realized I was calling for me. As he describes it “…you hire a coach to ask you the right questions…” and “…it’s about helping you unlock the best way for YOU to lead…”

Our first session was just two hours after arriving in Singapore after my 30-hour trip. We spent ten hours together over two days in a beautiful setting at the Shangri-La Hotel on Sentosa Island.

I met Roger two months later, back in Singapore to pick up the culmination of all this hard work…my very own PowerBook, a 6-page document of my corporate story, my personal story, my goals and my inspiration…this was the work that crystallized the idea of how I wanted to shape my experiences into something where I could help others.

This led to a professional photoshoot, hiring a web designer, a marketing expert, a virtual assistant and ultimately, the launch of Karen Laidlaw the ONE thing.

I can best describe this experience in the words on a bookmark placed on my pillow by the hotel evoking the feel of Shangri-La (from the book Lost Horizon). The main character’s feelings so aptly described mine at the end of this process: “…physically happy, emotionally satisfied, and mentally at ease…”.

Roger and I connect every three or four months. He’s my cheerleader and he keeps encouraging me to dream big…he’s my partner in believing.

Who’s your ONE (at least ONE) person who helps you become the person you’re meant to be? Give them a call right now to thank them.

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