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How to Permanently Banish Negativity to Time Out

I’ve spent the last two months learning that about myself. Turns out I am pretty positive…about 4 of every 5 thoughts I have tend towards the positive side, which means I have a PQ score (i.e. my positive intelligence score) of 82. Expert Dr. Shirzad, of Stanford University, recommends a score of at least 75 for optimal living.

Great news for me but if I’d been able to learn my PQ score years ago, I’m certain it would’ve been quite a bit lower, like say in the 40’s or 50’s. The great news is that it turns out you can increase your ratio of positive to negative, even despite the bias of our brains to be searching for threats 5 times every second!!!

It’s all about different regions of the brain and which ones are in charge. If you are living mostly from negative thoughts and fears and lions and tigers and bears, your amygdala is in charge and you might be constantly being hijacked by your Saboteurs.

But there’s another region of your brain that’s in charge of all the good, rational, evolved thoughts. Shirzad calls this your Sage perspective. I like to think of this as you, on your best day, being your best self.

My goal is always to be that person, and I’m getting closer. I want that for you too. Heck I want that for the world!

Try this ONE thing

First things first, find out what your PQ score is by taking Shirzad’s free assessment at As you complete this 2-minute test, you’ll get your free results and then immediately be invited to assess your Saboteurs. Do that 2-minute assessment too.

What did you find? Respond to this email, or post in comments your PQ score and your top 2-3 Saboteurs. As I said my PQ score is 82 (now) and my top 2 Saboteurs are the Hyper-Achiever and the Stickler.

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