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How To Open Yourself To Receive Work Life Harmony

A few weeks ago I had the chance to speak to a community of HR professionals about work life harmony.

In preparing for this talk, I spent some time thinking about how I got to greater harmony myself.

The key for me was about wanting it enough to believe it’s possible. Too often, we reject an idea too quickly because we believe it’s not possible, so we don’t even try. I took to heart Ben Stein’s quote, pictured below.

Before we decide what we want, we can get caught up in our negative, victim thoughts. We find ourselves saying, “I can’t do it”, or “it’s not in my control’, or “there’s nothing I can do about it”, or this one, I heard last week, “so-and-so will never go for it.”. I know I’ve said those things.

I discovered that none of those statements are actually true and that ONE thing changed everything for me. In my coaching studies, I heart the concept of ‘effortlessness’ and that captivated me; how I could make my life more effortless. That’s an act of power that I took. I also stopped leading with the story, the boring story, of how busy and overwhelmed I was.

I changed my story to be about floating through my life, enjoying every moment and singing at the end of the day. Most days I’m living this and on the days that I miss, I think about how I can do better the next day.

Try this ONE thing

If you’ve decided you want work life harmony, stop talking about the opposite, stop dwelling in the negative and focus on what you do want. This ONE thing will yield so many positive results.

Go to my website at Karen Laidlaw the ONE thing for more ideas and free life tips.

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