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How To Feel Better By Celebrating The Successes On Your Journey

I remember back when I wasn’t so confident, I came across this exercise to write down one hundred things that made you feel good about yourself. One hundred!? Wow, that seemed daunting, but I took on the challenge.

I started tentatively, with the obvious stuff like I gave birth, twice. I had a job, I exercised, I was working towards my university degree. Before long I was adding things I liked about my body, my home, my talents.

It evolved to a gratitude list I wrote every day, then a list of my talents and skills and ultimately to things I love about me.

When I was in the midst of beating myself up for some imagined flaw, or feeling not good enough, and finding myself undeserving, this was incredibly useful in stopping the slide.

I haven’t done it for a while but the other day, I went to get gas and had to go inside to pay. Do you know that there was a time in my life when I always went inside to pay. Why? Because I needed to pick up a chocolate bar, or two, or (who am I kidding?) three. Yes, I used to live on a steady diet of chocolate bars, donuts, and cookies. Kind of shocking and more than a little embarrassing, right?

Thankfully, I never do that anymore; and that is huge for me! I don’t really remember breaking that habit; I guess it happened so gradually, I didn’t really notice. But it’s definitely a success I could, and should, celebrate.

Try this ONE thing

What success do you need to give yourself credit for? Take a stroll through your journey and notice who you are now, compared to who you used to be. What is there to celebrate?

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