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How To Be Both Satisfied And Eager For More At The Same Time

Can you embrace the contradiction of this topic?

If I’m satisfied, why would I be eager for more? And if I’m eager for more, doesn’t that mean I’m not satisfied? I first came across this concept when I started studying coaching back in 2004. One of the first steps on the journey to becoming a coach is to strengthen our own personal foundation.

This meant cleaning up things that aren’t working in our lives; everything from broken items in the home, messy closets, health problems, tangles in relationships, all those major and minor annoyances that interfere with our living joyfully. This part was about being content with our surroundings. Definitely a good goal, we all agreed.

But that didn’t mean we had to forget about ambition, goals, forward movement. There is still a place for those in a satisfied life.

In fact, that feeling of contentedness can actually co-exist peacefully with a striving for more. But here’s the catch: when we want more, from a place of discontent, it starts to feel like desperation and neediness, grasping. That’s not attractive and definitely doesn’t feel good.

When we are already content and we also are looking for or hoping for more, it’s from a relaxed, centred place of ease and allowing. That is very attractive and feels really good.

Try this ONE thing

You likely have no trouble being eager for more. We all have unlimited wants, so that part’s covered.

Put your energy on what is satisfying to you now. Make a list of all those people, places and things that bring you satisfaction. Review that list often and keep adding to it to achieve that state of wanting more but being satisfied in the present.

Would you like some help with this? Nailing this will absolutely change your life and I can help! I am a coach / mentor / cheerleader and I work within all three of these roles to get you where you want to be. Click here to learn more and contact me for a free call to discover how I can help.

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