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How Resilient Are You?

This simple little test really helped me through a scary time in my life. I had just separated from my husband, with 2 little kids to raise, and I had just started a new job at a new company. The challenge was that said company announced layoffs less than a month after I started. Naturally, I was fearful. I’d only been there for a few short weeks so what did I have to show for myself. I was sure I’d be let go.

As it turned out I was working with a team that week where the work was being moved to India and 60% of the team would be losing their jobs. I was taking them through a session on adapting to change and developing resilience.

As I took them through this assessment, one question practically jumped off the page at me. It was the one about being financially prepared for change. That was exactly my fear. I was not financially prepared to lose my job! No wonder I was afraid.

As it turned out, I did not get laid off…whew! But I did get started on a life-long plan to prepare financially for life’s ups and downs; a plan that led me to pay off my mortgage early and as a single parent, something of which I am very proud.

When you take this assessment, know that the overall score is not the important thing. What really matters is which questions cause you a little panic, a little fear. Pay attention to those and put a plan in place to resolve them – that is a great way to build resilience.

What is ONE question where you can build more resilience?

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