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How Long Has Your Big Goal Been On Your Radar?

There isn’t a right or wrong answer to this question but consider this: if it’s been a goal of yours for a while, it’s not going away. It’s going to keep nagging at you, always reminding you of something left undone.

Isn’t it about time you just got busy doing it instead of dreaming about it?

When I was twenty-eight years old, I decided I wanted to get my university degree. When I calculated how long that would take going to night school, I was discouraged that it would take me more than seven years. Wow! That seemed like such a long time.

What got me to do it what this: no matter what, I was going to be thirty-five years old in seven years. If I got busy, I could be thirty-five years old with a university degree!

Try this ONE thing

Time keeps marching on. No matter what, you’ll be a year older a year from now. In a year do you want to be still thinking about that goal, or do you want to be enjoying having achieved it?

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