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How Good Conversation Enables Success on Your Next Goal

I was just about to sign up for a 10-day course to help me with my goal. I would be investing 18 minutes a day for 10 days, so a total of 3 hours. Just before I pressed the ‘pay now’ button, I hesitated.

I realized I don’t want another course, I don’t want another series of videos, or a book or an article. I want to talk to someone!

I know I have learned much from courses, books videos and articles. I’m a fan, for sure.

But sometimes it’s a conversation with someone, with all the back-and-forth idea sharing, thought building and advice giving which is what I need as I’m embarking on my goal. The beauty of this kind of exchange is that it actually creates momentum and inspiration.

And there’s nothing like the personal touch. You see, I’m unique. (so are you, by the way 😊.) Because of that, my story is not exactly covered in the course, or the book or the article. I want specific support that applies directly to me. I want to talk about me. I want that direct, specially-tailored-for-me conversation. I don’t want generic. This is why audience members want to get on stage with the speaker, and why participants in my leadership courses want to speak to me on the break or at lunch.

I know I’m not alone in saying I want connection and support as I strive for my goals. I want conversation.

Try this ONE thing

As you ready yourself for your next big goal, the ONE goal you want to focus on, consider how much easier and faster it will be to accomplish in good conversation.

I’d love to have a conversation with you about your goal. Go here to book at 15-minute FREE conversation with me. It’s ONE thing that will help.

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