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How Do I Get The Owls To Stop…The Magic of Manifesting

I’ve been taking a course for the past four weeks on the magic of manifesting with Pam Grout. It included four 90-minute live sessions plus a daily manifesting challenge.

I’m listening to week four and Pam was relating how someone asked, ‘How do I get the owls to stop?’. This was in reference to our day 3 challenge, which was to manifest an owl.

I remember going through that day keenly on the lookout for owls and I saw not a one. I realized I was working too hard which is exactly against the instruction Pam gave: ‘don’t go get it, relax and let it’. So I did just that and stop trying. About an hour later I was in a parking lot and giving way to let a mother and daughter pass by with their groceries. Once the daughter came into view, I saw she was wearing a t-shirt with a gorgeous sequined owl on it. Wow! I laughed out loud and shared with them how delighted I was at the little girl’s t-shirt.

What was amazing was how many owls I kept manifesting. An impromptu trip to my nephew’s house revealed the many owls of his wife’s owl collection. Two days later, I visited family in Buffalo and my cousin was working on a wood carving of an owl. Then I saw an owl on the sign for a daycare centre, and on a TV show, and, of course, all over my Duolingo course.

The entire program was a testament to how easily we could manifest whatever was that day’s challenge: owls, blue trucks, feathers, a surprise just-in-time email, money, expressions of affection, a senior citizen in a funky hat, beachballs, something free, a special number. I was delighted at each discovery.

Try this ONE thing

The message from Pam is that it’s as easy to manifest a button as it is a castle because the universe is abundant. The key is to remember that and allow it to come. And then laugh with joy as you celebrate it’s coming.

You are always manifesting, you can’t help but manifest. So choose wisely and manifest the good.

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